A New Look at Goals

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.”    Henry Ford

As business women, we all have goals, and we have all made lists of our goals.  Many times, right?  I know for myself that my relationship to goals and goal setting can change a lot at different times in my life – even from one day to the next! 

Sometimes I get to have the thrill of crossing a great big one off that list, finally accomplished, and then other times I don’t even want to look at that list because I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything on it.

Sometimes I am all excited and inspired and can’t wait to sit down and make a new list of goals and get started on them, and other times the last thing I want to do is set another goal.

There is a particular way to think about goals that I want to share with you.  Think about your life and your business.  Think about any particular projects or areas or problems that you may have goals around. 

Now, instead of simply asking yourself which ones are most important, please ask yourself this question:

Which of these areas is draining energy from me on a daily basis?   

Here’s what I mean by draining energy – what areas of your business or your house or your life do you tend to have negative thoughts about on a regular basis?  Thoughts such as, “That’s so disorganized, I really need to fix that,” or “I hate the way that looks, what if someone sees that,” or “This is overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start,” or “I don’t know what to do, what do I do about this.”

Over and over again in your head, like a hamster on a wheel, right? 

Please consider that the effect of this on our lives is profound and very negative.  In your business and at home, that disorganized closet, that non-existent marketing strategy, that cluttered room or desk – they sap our energy, leaving us feeling as though we haven’t accomplished anything, and even worse, as though nothing we do accomplish will ever be enough.

A short while ago, I made a goals list with this in mind, and I identified three areas in my house that were just sucking the life out of me.  They were: the desk in the hall, the bathroom closet and the pantry closet.  Every time I looked at any one of them, I would find myself thinking how awful they looked, how disorganized they were, how I couldn’t find what I needed there, how I wouldn’t want anyone else to see them.  Those may not be extremely negative thoughts, but they add up all day long, day after day, every time I walked by or went to any of those places in my house.

And while my results-oriented mind was telling me that there were other, higher priorities for me to work on, I realized that the toll these unfinished areas were taking on me and my energy was not something to ignore any longer, and I made a new and high priority goal of cleaning and organizing and recreating them the way I wanted them.

I took on the desk in the hall first, and now every time I walk in the door, there it is, organized and clean and functional, helping to keep all the communication in our household happening smoothly, and what used to make me cringe now makes me smile.

Last week, I took on the bathroom closet – emptied it, cleaned it, threw out a ton of old health and beauty stuff I don’t want or need and put everything back in nice and organized, with space for each person in the house to keep their stuff and plenty of space somehow left over. 

And once again, what used to make me frown and feel overwhelmed now makes me smile and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Now the only one left is the pantry closet, and I have that scheduled to take on soon.  And here’s something great – right now, when I look in that pantry closet, instead of feeling negative, I already feel positive about it, because I know I’m going to handle it. 

So invite you all to do the same.  Look at those areas of your life or business that you keep thinking are not a high enough priority to deal with, but which in fact are draining you of your energy and pulling you down. 

You don’t need to take them all on at once, but be real with yourself about the effect these areas are having on your life and your business.  Identify what you are willing to take on, and get started!

Have a fabulous, energized day!



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