Watch Tony Robbins on NBC Tonight!

Hello Fabulous Women!

Below is a very important message from Chet Holmes, America’s greatest marketing strategist, which I am forwarding to you all.  Yes, you can take advantage of the great offer at the end of the message, and I highly recommend, that you do, the material is outstanding and will help you to double your sales within the next 12 months.

But please also read the message regarding Tony Robbins amazing new program, Breakthroughs, which airs tonight (Tuesday) at 8PM ET on NBC.  I have seen some previews of this program and I promise you, it will be a truly inspiring experience.  I’ll be watching, and I hope you all will, too!

Message from Chet Holmes:

In an effort to reach and positively impact even more people, Tony Robbins has created 6 one-hour primetime television specials that begin airing on NBC starting this Tuesday (TONIGHT), July 27th at 8 p.m., 7 Central (in the same time slot that Biggest Loser holds in the fall.)

Dear Ann,

Most of my subscribers are highly successful business owners so I’m going to respect your time and attention and tell you exactly what this email is about.

1. Tony has created six TV specials that you need to watch. They will run every Tuesday evening on NBC for the next six Tuesdays including THIS Tuesday.

2. I want to support Tony’s valiant effort to put something positive out there, and I hope you will as well. Everyone needs more and better tools and insights to improve their lives. You’re going to want to forward this to friends, clients, and family. And I’m going to ask you to do that right now.

3. For you and those that you forward this to, there is a serious free gift embedded in this email.

About the TV Show:

After more than a dozen offers and years of turning away producers and networks, Tony finally found a format that appealed to him and one that can really impact you, your friends, family and clients.

I was in the studio audience for segments of some of these shows, and there was not a dry eye in the house. You will be inspired, moved, motivated and profoundly affected. I mean this first episode is a knockout. Imagine you’re on your honeymoon and jump in the pool and hit your head on a step and, wham, you’re a quadriplegic for life.

That doesn’t just affect you. It seriously impacts your loved ones. In the very first episode, Tony shows you that “the story” you tell yourself shapes the entire quality of your life. Powerful. You have to see it.

Below, see what others have said about this profound television experience and the LINK that’s just for insiders.

Forward this to everyone you know and why you want to do that:

Many of us (if not every single one of us) have forwarded on jokes and inspirational little ditties to our friends, families and even clients. It’s probably fair to say that none of those profoundly affected people or changed their lives. They might bring a little smile, but here’s why you want everyone to see this life-enriching show, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. This show helps people (you as well) see that the “story” you tell yourself shapes the entire quality and destiny of your life. And that’s going to give you (and the folks you forward this onto) more than a little smile.

So please, as a favor to me and as a way to use your email for a terrific cause, send this to everyone you know asking them to WATCH TONY’S PRIME TIME TV SHOW TUESDAY AT 8:00. Do it now.

Gift for you and everyone you pass this onto:

Tony and I built a program called: Four Ways to Double Sales in 12 months. Everyone you pass this onto will be able to download that program as well. Even in this bad economic period, all four of these ideas help dramatically strengthen any company and give you paths to serious success.

Here is the link to download the free gift—a 90 minute training program from me and Tony Robbins.

Here is the link to learn more about Tony’s FANTASTIC Television specials. WATCH the first one TOMORROW night on NBC.

Here’s what others are saying about this show:

“…Just when you thought summer TV lacked bite . . . here is a show that is full of humanity, compassion and hope . . . I was left feeling completely inspired & uplifted.”

Hugh Jackman

Actor & Producer

“…Phenomenal . . . Breakthrough is beyond imagination! Tony Robbins has created a television masterpiece. You will not touch the clicker! My wife and I couldn’t move – riveting, wonderful, inspiring and humbling!”

Larry King

Host of Larry King Live

“. . Smart, real, and extremely moving. A lesson in resilience, overcoming obstacles, and the indomitable human spirit.”

Arianna Huffington

Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Huffington Post

“. . . It illuminates the humbling truth that many of the ‘problems’ we all struggle with are traps of our own making . . . Renew your faith that you can shape your own happiness with a little courage.”

Edward Norton

Actor, Screenwriter & Director

“. . . a life changing, powerful and entertaining demonstration of what’s possible when the human spirit is unleashed. Watch and enjoy!”

Paula Abdul

Pop Singer and Television Personality

“One of the most transforming shows on TV. If you’re experiencing tough times… Tony Robbins provides solid plans of action that make sense and feed your spirit. “

Cindy Pearlman

Chicago Sun Times

“This extraordinary reality series reflects some of Tony Robbins’ most brilliant work. Breakthrough is a poignant example of how people can transform tragedy into opportunity . . . “

Dr. Frank M. Dattilio

Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

“Tony Robbins is a genius and Breakthrough is an impassioned experience not to be missed. His ability to strategically guide people through any challenge is unparalleled. ”

Steve Wynn

Chairman & CEO, Wynn Resorts

“We all search for an unadulterated raw experience and Tony Robbins delivers Breakthroughs that shine a loving light on the serpentine path called life. Get ready for some big time transformations by a big time personality.”

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Best selling Author & Host of “The Dr. Oz Show”

“Breakthrough opens the mind, moves the spirit and touches the heart – it is uniquely inspired. People who watch the show will go to sleep with more hope than they woke up with. ”

Donna Karan

World Renowned Fashion Designer

“. . . the extraordinary power of the human spirit to overcome tragedy and taste the joy of life once again! Not to be missed!”

William Ury

Co-founder Harvard Program on Negotiation

“Tony Robbins does it again! Breakthrough is a passionate television journey that will empower millions of viewers with effective strategies to live life on their terms.”

Amber Mac

Author of Power Friending, former G4TechTV   Host and international Social Media Speaker

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Contact Us:
Business Breakthroughs International
384 Green Leaf Drive
Grovetown, GA 30813
(888) 253 8497

Thanks, ladies!

Your coach,


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