The Law of Diminishing Intention

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“Don’t wait.  The time will never be just right.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Hello Fabulous Women!

Are you familiar with the Law of Diminishing Intentions (LODI)?  You may not know it by that name, but I’m sure you, like myself, have been intimately familiar with it.  This law states that, in the absence of action, the determination and commitment one has to accomplish something diminishes over time.  Put another way, the longer you put off doing something, the less likely you are to ever do it.

If you have noticed that you have not received a blog post/newsletter from me in some time, you will understand that this is a case in point, where I have allowed the LODI to operate quite freely and decisively!  Where I used to post once or twice a week, I actually have not written one new thing since early March.   Eeeeuuw, I hate admitting that.

It is true that I have been extremely busy, and with some great things that are moving me forward toward some of my most important goals – more on that later. 

Because what is also true, and what I want to address now, is that I intended to keep blogging throughout this time, but didn’t do it. 

Now if I had made a decision back in March to take an official hiatus from writing, that would have been in integrity.  Instead, I just kept intending to get started again, but as each week went by, it seemed harder and harder to get started again, my determination and commitment were less and less strong, and I took no action.  Week after week, saying “I really need to start writing again,” and week and after week of taking no action at all, letting my excuses run the show.

Does this sound familiar at all?

So why am I writing now?  What has changed? 

The fact is, the only thing that changed is that today, when I had that same thought, I walked over to my computer, opened up a document, and started typing.

That’s it.  No huge epiphany, no burning message I suddenly had to share.  No blaze of brilliance.

You see, there is one thing and one thing only that can break the grip of the Law of Diminishing Intentions.  And that thing is action.  It doesn’t have to be inspired action, and it certainly doesn’t have to come from some deep understanding of why you haven’t been in action before.  Action alone is what it takes, and without action, no amount of understanding or insight will amount to a hill of beans.

So, ladies, I’m back, and if you are still willing to listen, here is my challenge for you all.  If there is any area in your life where you can see the Law of Diminishing Intentions operating, I challenge you to take action today, right now.  Whether it be in your business, your home, your health, your family – any area at all where your intentions have been sliding down that slippery slope to nothingness, take action today.  Big action, small action, doesn’t matter, just move forward in some way, and break that Law of Diminishing Intentions, stop it in its tracks.

I promise you, you will be glad you did.

I am!

It’s good to be back.  And you’ll be hearing from me again, soon.

Have a fabulous day!


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