That Name Tag Guy…

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“How are you branding your honesty? It’s so rare that it’s become remarkable. Make it what you’re known for. Lead with honesty.” ~Scott Ginsberg, Name Tag Scott

Hello Fabulous Women!

I want to make you aware of Scott Ginsberg, aka Name Tag Scott.  Why is he called that?  Well, Scott is the only person in the world who wears a name tag 24/7.  And no, he’s not crazy, he’s on a mission to help people and companies all over the world to “become more approachable, unforgettable and make a name for yourself.”  And he is very very good at it.

Both for myself and as a women’s business coach, I love to read Scott’s advice, and his website is full of articles that are pure gold.  He is also the author of several books, including “HELLO, My Name Is Scott,” “The Power of Approachability,” “How To Be That Guy,” and “Make A Name For Yourself.”

Scott has so many articles I may never read them all, but each and every one I’ve read is full of practical, insightful, straight to the point information you can use, right now, today, to make yourself and your business unforgettable, appealing and unique. 

Here’s a great quote from one of my favorite articles of his:

“The secret is: Don’t be different; be unique. ‘Different’ is something you do intentionally; unique is something you are inherently.  Being ‘different’ is for amateurs.  Extract and magnify your uniqueness.”

Ain’t it the truth!  All the successes in my business have been from me being my own unique self, and I’ve never had any great result from simply trying to be different.  In fact, trying to be different for the sake of being different usually creates rather than solves problems.  Like he said, for amateurs!

Here’s a link to that particular article in its entirety:

11 Brand-Building Lessons Learned From Wearing a Name Tag 24/7 For 3,000 Days

I highly recommend that you go to Scott’s website and pick a few of his articles to read and use in your business today.  Pick a problem you have been struggling with – a client you want to work with, an associate you have had trouble with, an area where communication has been a problem, you name it, and I guarantee that you will find a new idea, a solution, a new way to look at and approach your problem from one of Scott’s articles.  Most likely you’ll find several and wonder why you didn’t think of at least one of them yourself, when he came up with so many!  Yes, he really is that good, and not only that, he’s funny and extremely readable as well. 

And if you were wondering how someone could actually wear a name tag 24/7, check out this interview of Scott on 20/20, and you’ll see for yourself what he means.

The Name Tag Guy on 20/20

Have a fabulous day!


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One response to “That Name Tag Guy…

  1. Wow, love it! I appreciate the quote about leading with honesty, which is a very big deal to me as someone who works with children. I also like the qoute about being yourself and sharpening my qualities that are unique. Thanks Ann, I’ll definitely check out the Name Tag Guy!

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