The Sisters of Sizzle

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” ~Oscar Wilde

Hello Fabulous Women!

I absolutely love hearing about all the cool things that you all are up to.   And I also love to spread the word and maybe make some fruitful and fun connections between all the great women out there!  So here’s a shout out for Elise Kloter and Jill Pagano, the Sisters of Sizzle, who have a fabulous radio show called “A Life on Fire.”

“A Life on Fire” is not your average talk radio.  As the Sisters say, “We love connecting you to the people who are living their dreams and helping us to do it too. From finding your joy to finding your soulmate, from great health to great sex, we are here to uncover the secrets and break out of the box, all with laughter, compassion and love.”

So what do they talk about on “A Life on Fire?”  Seems like just about everything from startups to feng shui, from relationships and dating to finding your passion, from women entrepreneurs to personal empowerment.  Jill and Elise hash it all out with humor, insight and straight talk.  They have also created a powerhouse group of regular monthly contributors called Team Sizzle.  Team Sizzle members are people “who serve and improve the lives of others through their passionate businesses.”

Sound like some women you might want to hang out with? Check out their next show!

You can listen to the Sisters of Sizzle live online every Wednesday from 3-4PM Pacific time.  You can also listen to any of their previous broadcasts online, if you miss a show or that time doesn’t work for you.

Upcoming shows:

 September 23, 2009

Team Sizzle: Nicole Ohebshalom, Radiant Living Wellness,

Featured Guest: Victoria Likes, author of Manage Your Remodel and Save Money. Great (experienced) advice on how to manage a home remodel so your dreams come true without turning into a home remodel nightmare!

September 30, 2009

Team Sizzle: Candice Shutter, of Shine Your Brilliance,

Featured Guest: YOU! Call-in show, share your thoughts, ask your questions, lots of giveaways

October 7th, 2009

Guest: Team Sizzle Stylist Kim Crumpler with highlights from fashion week and benefits of creating a style vision board.

Some previous shows you can listen to online include topics such as feng shui, creating life balance, overcoming underearning (!), living fully at any age, wellness and much, much more. So go ahead and check out the Sisters of Sizzle, and let your friends know, too!

One more thing, ladies — think you may be interested in having your product or service featured on the infamous Sizzle List?  Contact Elise or Jill at to find out how!

Let’s get sizzlin’!


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