Getting Back On Track

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“I have to remember to tell the negative committee that meets in my head to sit down and shut up.” ~Kathy Kendall

Hello Fabulous Women!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am definitely in the middle of my usual end of August, slightly out of control, what am I supposed to be doing now, discombobulated, how can I get back on track syndrome.

Just got back from two weeks of (mostly) vacation, way too many emails to go through, kids go back to school next week (!), house looks like a disaster, realized I forgot to pay the sewer bill back in July, haven’t blogged in weeks, how on earth can there possibly be this much laundry to do – ladies, please tell me I am not alone!  Is this really what being a woman entrepreneur looks like?  Apparently, yes, it is.

Okay, then, this is for all of us.  Let’s take a deep breath and we’ll get through this together.  Ready?

The first step is to step back and get some perspective, take a look at the big picture.  The laundry may be screaming at you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most important thing to focus on.

Here’s what I’m doing.  To re-establish some perspective and sanity, stop and ask yourself what you want your life/home/business to look like by the end of September.  Not today, not in six months, just in a little over a month.  Be specific, what do you want to have completed, have in process, and so forth.  Here are some examples from me:

By the end of September I want to:

  • Have three new ads in place on appropriate websites advertising my business coaching services
  • Have my two daughters doing their own laundry (!)
  • Have painted my bathroom
  • Have blogged consistently 1-2 times per week
  • Have two new coaching clients
  • Have my bedroom reorganized and decluttered

There are a few more individual items, but those are the main goals. 

Now here’s something interesting.  As soon as I stopped and looked out into the future just a few weeks, and then started writing down some very specific goals, I immediately stopped feeling overwhelmed and started feeling energized and even excited to take on some of those goals.  (That bathroom is really calling to me because I finally picked a color – can’t wait to do it!)

I no longer feel a crazy pressure to get it all done right now, which is impossible and self-defeating, and instead I feel confident that I can get all of that done – and then some – over the next few weeks and I’m ready to get back on track and in action.

So if you are feeling even a little bit the way I was, my challenge and suggestion to you for today is to do the same thing – stop and write down what you want to have accomplished by the end of September, and then get in action. 

On September 30, my life is going to have less laundry in it and more coaching clients.  Not to mention a beautiful teal paint above my black and white bathroom tiles.

And you? What’s your life going to look like on September 30th

Have a fabulous day!


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4 responses to “Getting Back On Track

  1. Natasha E. Bowden

    Thanks Ann!!! I can definitely relate. I found the article very helpful.

  2. Excellent! What are your goals for the end of September?

  3. Natasha E. Bowden

    Well I’ll be teaching at a middle school in NYC and I would like to post 2 blog entries based on my experience with my students. I’d like to also put together a mailing list for my blog.

  4. That’s great! I didn’t know you had a blog – let me know the URL so I can check it out!

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