The Value of Mistakes

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“Mistakes are part of the dues that one pays for a full life.”  –Sophia Loren

Hello Fabulous Women!

We all know that mistakes are a part of life.  Here’s a question for you, though:  Are you making the most of your mistakes? 

We all probably have some mistakes that we learned a great deal from, ones we could point to and say what a big difference it made.  Like when I went to the expense and trouble to form an S-Corp for my business before I really knew what kind of business I was creating.  Yes, I did that.  I thought I knew what I was doing, and it seemed like a good idea… famous last words, right?  Let me tell you, I learned a lot from that mistake and it’s not one I’ll be making again!

You can probably think of a few examples yourself — some of them just jump right out at you, don’t they? 

However, I know there are also mistakes that I never took the time to look at carefully and truly learn from.  For example, there are things I have tried in marketing my business coaching that “didn’t work,” but I didn’t take the time to figure out what it was that made them fail, and instead just moved on to some other marketing tactic. 

I suspect that, by not taking the time to understand what had happened, I may well have just brought the same problem along with me to the next endeavor, thereby repeating the same mistake without realizing that’s what I was doing.  Certainly, I’ve had more than one marketing tactic not work out well – perhaps the common denominator was something in my approach rather than in the tactics themselves?  Couldn’t be!  But it probably is.

So here’s my challenge for you today:  What mistake/failure have you experienced in your work that you didn’t learn from?  Where would it have made a difference if you had paid the time and attention to look more deeply at what happened, figured out what parts did work and what parts didn’t?  And what can you learn from that now to create greater success today?

Good luck, and remember, always keep growing and learning – it’s so much better than the alternative!


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2 responses to “The Value of Mistakes

  1. 1001thingswomenwant

    I love it – mistakes are the greatest part of learning!

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