What’s on Your To Do List? Does It Make You Smile?

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” ~ Mark Twain

Hello Fabulous Women!

I suspect I am not alone in having a long list of “things to do.”  From little things like folding the laundry to much more ambitious items, like writing a grant proposal or creating a marketing strategy, our lists seem never ending, don’t they? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love lists.  I love that visceral thrill of crossing a finally completed item off that sucker (although nowadays it’s usually clicking “Complete” in Outlook rather than the thick line drawn through on the paper.  I miss that line…)

And I love making new lists, thinking of new goals, pushing myself to think bigger, get organized and get in action!

And have you ever done this – you find an old “to do list” from a year or more ago, in a pocket maybe, and you look over the old items, and then instead of just throwing it out you take the time to find a pen and cross out all the things you’ve since done on that old list?  I have, many times.  No way I’m throwing that old list out until I’ve had the pleasure of crossing things out!

I’ve been looking at my own lists, and noticing that there are certain items that I keep pushing forward, never quite getting to them, while others get checked off quickly.  I also notice that sometimes my lists are full of things I don’t really want to do but feel I need to do.  Not all of the time, by any means, but sometimes there really isn’t a single thing on there that makes me smile.

I have thought about this quite a bit, and I have decided to make a new rule about my lists.  The rule is this: For every one thing on my list that I am not excited about doing (like, say, reorganizing my files and tax records) there must be at least two things that I love to do (like, for instance, working in my garden or calling a friend to catch up and reconnect).

That’s right, it’s a minimum two to one ratio, and I suspect after awhile I’m going to wonder why it’s only two to one.  In fact, I’m wondering already!  Forget two to one, the NEW new rule is three to one.  For every single “have to” on my list there will be three “want to’s.” 

Life is too short to spend a lot of time doing things that don’t make you smile.  I challenge you all to take a look at your own lists and make sure you have more than enough on there that will light you up and make today great.  And tomorrow.  And so on! 

Have a Fabulous Day!


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4 responses to “What’s on Your To Do List? Does It Make You Smile?

  1. I like this concept! I am going to try it….and yes, I have found old lists and crossed things off…it does make me feel good…until I see the things there that I still haven’t done…like clean the garage and clean out my closet, etc. …ugh!
    happy weekend!

  2. Thanks, Kathleen! I’m glad you liked the idea. I hope you have a whole bunch of fun things on your list for today! One of mine for today is cutting some of my blooming irises for a bouquet to share with some friends. They don’t bloom for long but they sure make me happy while they last!

  3. Interesting article…Must be appreciated.

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