Meg Levine Design: Highly Recommended Resource for Branding and Design

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Day:

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life’s about creating yourself.”  —George Bernard Shaw

Hello Fabulous Women!

Excellent branding and design give your business power, effectiveness and reach that it cannot achieve any other way.  Never underestimate the impact of your logo, a great website design and a powerfully presented brand. Whether you are presenting a product, service, or person, branding is a powerful key that can unlock doors.

As I’ve talked about many times, one of the pitfalls of entrepreneurs and business owners is falling into the trap of thinking they can do everything themselves. Well, let me just say it straight right now: You can’t. And, you shouldn’t. Unless you are an expert in design and branding, be smart and don’t try to do it alone. Work with an expert.

For your design, website and branding success, I highly recommend Meg Levine.

Specializing in branding, logos and web sites

Meg is an award-winning Graphic Designer with over 20 years of corporate branding experience. She finds visual ways to capture your brand’s distinct promise and personality and convert these into ownable and memorable branding hallmarks that will differentiate your product, your service and you from your competition.

As an entrepreneur Meg appreciates the demands of other women in business and excels at designing for them, projects ranging from logos and web sites through advertising campaigns. She approaches each project as a partner, giving you the direct, senior-level talent and attention you deserve—but would rarely get from a big agency.

Web resume sites / efolios

For individuals in the job market or consultants marketing their services Meg is now creating web resume efolio sites. In today’s competitive job market, candidates need to differentiate and elevate themselves from other equally qualified people. An efolio designed by Meg Levine, a branding expert, expands the resume and can include items such as testimonials, case studies and photographs. Efolios help visually streamline a prospective employer’s/client’s understanding of an applicant’s value, experience and goals. Combined with a well-written resume, efolio resume sites are powerful online tools that can help a candidate get noticed and hired.

Samples can be viewed online

I look forward to working with Meg on rebranding my coaching business and from our talks so far I find her design expertise and commitment to excellence invaluable in this process. Having a fresh eye, and a designer with 20 years branding experience, is making a huge difference for me. It will for you too.

Special 10% discount offer for you!

As a special offer to all of you, Meg has agreed to give a 10% discounted rate for any project of any size, from logos to an entire website, when referred from me. Isn’t that great?

Contact Meg to discuss your creative and design needs, and mention my name to get your 10% discount.   

Have a fabulous day!


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